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In our research, we want to work for increased equality by starting from the perspective of the person concerned and conducting research in the life situation the person is in. We usually say that it is about people, technology, pedagogy and design in a society for all.

A tree formed as a lamp standing on a table. Photo.

The research clearly links to the UN's global goals on reduced inequality, which emphasises the importance of working for a society where no one is left behind. Below are some examples of current research.

A child touching a screen. Photo.
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människor på väg upp för trappan på en tågstation. Foto.

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Global goals

The research within Certec start out from the UN’s global goals to create sustainable living conditions for everyone.

Goal 10 on reducing inequality emphasizes the importance of working towards a society where no one is left out:
" equal society is based on the principle of everyone's equal rights and opportunities regardless of e.g. gender, ethnicity, religion, functional variation, age and other status.” – definition from the UN’s global goals.

The research also links to goal 4: Quality Education and goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities.