Promoting greater equality is an important goal of our research. We call the research “rehabilitation engineering and design”, based on the perspective of the person concerned, and we conduct the research in the context of the life situation in which the persons finds themselves – we usually say that our research is about people, technology, education and design in a society for all.  

Our research addresses the UN’s global Sustainable Development Goals to reduce inequality. They emphasize the importance of promoting a society where no one is left out: “ . . . an equal society built upon the principle of equal rights and opportunities for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, disability, age and other status,” from Agenda 2030’s definition of Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities (Swedish webpage).

Co-creation is a central concept in our research – research that emerges across subject boundaries and together with the people involved in it. In co-creation, new technology and new design concepts are developed with the aim that all people can participate in and contribute to society.

A current research area is universal design, which is about designing a society for all. Universal design has emerged in architecture and design as an effort to reach all people regardless of their conditions. The research is linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Goal 4: Quality Education, with questions such as, “For whom is the city designed?”, “How can universal design contribute to sustainable urban development?”, “Alternative communication – how does it work?” and “How do we achieve education for all?”

Research in focus

Previous research

Since Certec was founded in 1987, a large number of research projects have been started, completed and documented. Many in widespread areas, but all with the same goal - to create better conditions for persons with disabilities.

Certec's previous research projects can be found in LUCRIS, Lund University Research Portal.

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Global Goals at Design Sciences, LTH

Certec is part of the department of Design Sciences. At Design Sciences, we start out from the UN’s Global Goals to create sustainable living conditions for everyone. For us, it’s about designing technologies and environments for the good of all people based on these sustainability goals.

How we work with the Global Goals - at Design Sciences' webpage