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About Certec

Certec is part of the Department of Design Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University and conducts research and education on Rehabilitation Engineering and Design.

Promoting greater equality is an important goal for Certec. The vision is based on the perspective of the person concerned and the context of the life situation in which the persons finds themselves – Certec’s research and education is about people, technology, education and design in a society for all.

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Co-creation is a central concept within Certec. In co-creation, new technology and new design concepts are developed with the aim that all people can participate in and contribute to society.

Universal design is about designing a society for all – which is important for Certec. Universal design has emerged in architecture and design as an effort to reach all people regardless of their conditions.

A good way to get to know Certec is to read Att så vidare 25 (in Swedish). There we have collected 25 thoughts that were important during Certec's first 25 years.
Att så vidare 25 – in Lund University Research Portal (in Swedish)

Certec – en udda fågel (in Swedish) is Bodil Jönsson's story about Certec's history which was published in the anniversary book "50 years with LTH". 
Certec - en udda fågel – in Lund University Research Portal (in Swedish)

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