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Design of Everyday Cognitive Support TFRB20

This course is intended for those who work in group homes for people with developmental disabilities, day activity centers, (re)habilitation, psychiatry, schools, as personal assistants or relatives, and who want to design cognitive support for people with developmental disabilities/cognitive limitations. 

Supervisors: Bitte Rydeman, PhD
Course administrator: Lena Leveen
Credits: 10
Rate of study: part-time spring and autumn terms
Period:  Jan. 19-June 03, 2012; Sept. 1-Dec. 17, 2010
Type of instruction: Internet based distance course
Grading: U (fail), G (pass), VG (pass with honors)
Application deadline
: June 1, 2010
Application code: 2439T spring, 2441T autumn
Apply via Internet at

General entry requirements and experience from work/close contact with people who have developmental disorders or other cognitive limitations. Please note, certificates verifying general entry requirements and experience must be sent to: Antagningen, 833 82 Strömsund.

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Bitte RydemanLecturer
+46 70 644 24 04

Lena Leveen, Administrator
+46 46 222 46 95