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Linnéa Eklöf

Research area 

I have a background as a teacher but am now working as a certified occupational therapist in adult psychiatry in Stockholm. Since November of 2011, I have also been a doctoral candidate at Certec on a part-time basis, carrying out research in the design of everyday cognitive support for adults with ADHD.

In my job I meet many people with neuropsychiatric diagnoses, attention deficit hyperactivity/attention deficit disorders (ADHD/ADD) and Asperger’s syndrome. By means of psychiatric educational methods and the testing of assistive devices, I endeavor to help them compensate for the difficulties they have in their daily lives, difficulties that are the result of living with a developmentally related disability. This often involves support in planning, remembering, initiating an activity, finding balance and prioritizing.

My research deals with acquiring new knowledge from different approaches about what it is like to live with a cognitive disability as well as to explore the possibilities to use the dynamic effects of technology, design and education as a means to increase people’s belief in their own ability and control over their lives.

The aim of the research is to find out more about how we can effectively compensate for perceived difficulties in everyday life by using technological and/or human assistance. I also want to find new educational methods and models to assess, develop and design cognitive support or technology for adults with ADHD. The research is based on the perspective of the person directly affected and on his or her entire life situation. 



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Linnéa Eklöf
Certified Occupational Therapist, Doctoral student
Design of everyday cognitive support for adults with ADHD

Phone: +46 73 323 67 74
Department of Design Sciences
Faculty of Engineering LTH
Lund University
Box 118, SE-221 00 Lund,
Visitors: Sölvegatan 26, Lund, Sweden

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Areas of interest
Neuropsychiatry, psychological pedagogy, technological and human assistance, 
useworthy design, cognitive aids and thought support

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