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Bitte Rydeman

My research deals with the use and development of communication aids. 

Currently, I am the project manager for (DIKO - The Digital Contact Book), which is a cooperation between the Furuboda Association, Certec and FUB in the municiaplity of Lund. The project is supported by the Swedish Inheritance Fund.

On 4 June 2010, I defended my doctoral thesis entitled "The Growth of Phrases. User-centred Design for Activity-based Voice Output Communication Aids" at the University of Gothenburg. The faculty examiner was Professor Susan Blandin from Molde University College in Norway. Professor Elisabeth Ahlsén at the Department of Applied Information Technology at the University of Gothenburg was my supervisor. Professor Mats Grandlund at Jönköping University and Profeesor Emerita Bodil Jönsson at Lund University were my assistant supervisors.

The thesis can be downloaded here: The Growth of Phrases.



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Bitte Rydeman
PhD, Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

Phone: +46 70 644 24 04

Department of Design Sciences
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Lund University
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Areas of interest
Augmentative and alternative communication, accessibility, user centered design, games, linguistics, cognition

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