Design Sciences | Faculty of Engineering, LTH

Former employees

Héctor A. Caltenco
Engineering Ph.D., Researcher
Design and fast prototyping of close-to-body 
interfaces for children with cognitive impairments

Gunilla Brattberg
Adjunct Professor Emerita
Rehabilitation pedagogics

Björn Breidegard
Associate Professor Emeritus, Engineering Ph.D., M.Sc. Electical Engineering
Communication aids for people with severe brain injury
Susanne Frennert
M.Sc., B.Sc., Doctoral student
Human-robot interaction, technical support for elderly people

Peter Kitzing
Associate Professor Emeritus
+46 46 222 46 95
Gunilla Knall
Physiotherapist, information officer 
Eve Mandre
Ph.D. Emerita
Rehabilitation pedagogics, autism
Miguel Molina   
M.Sc. Engineering, Project Assistant      
Helen Petrie
Guest Professor (Lise Meitner)
Human-computer interaction

Henrik-Svarrer Larsen
Doctoral student, B.Ed., Master Interaction Design
Embodied interaction, multi-sensory environments

Arne Svensk
Licentiate in Engineering Emeritus
Design for cognitive assistance
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