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Björn Breidegard

Associate Professor Emeritus, PhD in Engineering, MSc Electrical Engineering 

Associate Professor Björn Breidegard has worked at Certec at Lund University's Faculty of Engineering LTH since 1998. Technology has fascinated him since the age of three – from taking apart and repairing technical devices to engineering entirely new ones from scratch. He has a master's in electrical engineering and worked for many years at the Dept. of Information Technology with everything from analogue electronic design to that of complex digital systems, including large software applications. At Cetec, he combines his creative technical interests with the aspiration to design in conjunction with the person for whom the technology is intended. He is driven by a genuine curiosity and desire to push the boundaries. 

Project: The Minimeter
 and Reading with Hands
Björn developed The Minimeter, a communication aid for Emma, who from the age of nine in 1990 has been almost completely paralyzed because of an accident. The Minimeter has been continually improved and tested by others over the years, leading to a three-year Minimeter development project from 2005-2008 financed by the Swedish Inheritance Fund: The Minimeter – modern and inexpensive technology aids people with brain injuries in communicating. More information is available at:

The project, Reading with hands – measuring technology, theory and empirical studies, examines online tactile reading by people who are blind. This interdisciplinary project includes experts from Certec and the Dept. of Linguistics and Phonetics at Lund University, the Dept. for Individual, Surrounding World and Learning at the Stockholm Institute of Education, and the Dept. of Art and Visual Sciences at Göteborg University.  

Doing for Understanding – On Rehabilitation Engineering Design
Björn Breidegard publicly defended his doctoral thesis on 18 December 2006 at the Ingvar Kamprad Decign Centre (IKDC) in Lund. 

The title of the thesis is Doing for understanding On Rehabilitation Engineering Design. The empirical research on which the thesis is based deals with communication aids for people with severe brain injuries as well as with automatic finger tracking in Braille reading. It is an applied thesis with considerable technology in use.

Prof. Bengt Magnhagen was the faculty examiner, Prof. Bodil Jönsson was my supervisor and Associated Prof. Christian Balkenius my assistant advisor.

The thesis is currently available in Swedish (with the exception of three of the published articles to be found at the end). You can read a summary in English.

An Executable Computer Model of Learning
Björn completed his Licentiate Degree in Engineering in 2000. The seminar discussion leader was Associate Prof. Christian Balkenius, Cognitive Science, Lund University.

The thesis is only available in Swedish.

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Björn Breidegard, Associate Professor Emeritus
Address: Tordönsvägen 4K, 22227 Lund, Sweden 

Areas of interest
Communication aids for people with severe brain injury, automatic analysis of Braille reading and tactile image reading, computer aids for learning, etc.

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