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HIPP – An audio-haptic drawing application for school work (2009-2012)

This project developed technology and methods in virtual drawing applications used to create new and dynamic learning opportunities for children with low vision or who are blind.


We started the webpage There you can read more about the project and download the program.

We released a Beta-version of the HIPP program. This is an open-source program, meaning that anybody has the right to download it as well as the source code and modify it freely.


The HIPP project aimed at enabling students with visual impairment to create their own digital image-material, at enabling teaching assistants to create accessible image-material as well as to develop possibilities for collaboration in the school between seeing students and students with visual impairments.

In the project we developed a drawing program - the HIPP program - with which it is possible to draw digital pictures and experience them with touch and hearing. The HIPP program is based on technology that enable feeling computer-models with a special pen. The pen is called "thePHANToM" and gives force-feedback resistance with the help of motors. It is possible with the pen to follow a relief and even to draw self reliefs with it. It is also possible to set-up speaking explanations to the details in the image. Collaboration is also possible with one person using a normal computer-mouse to draw and point on the screen while the pen is used to feel and draw with.

The technical, pedagogical and methods development were conducted together throughout the project, from 2009 to 2012. School children and teachers participated in their schools by evaluating the technology and its use in education. The HIPP program was used in three different schools in Sweden: one in Scania, one in Småland, and one on Gotland.

Participating organisations and contact persons:

Certec - Lunds Universitet: Kirsten Rassmus-Gröhn, project leader

SRF Skåne: Britt-Marie Linné

Horisont AB: Karin Jönsson

GotIT resurscenter: Ingegerd Fahlström

Financier: Arvsfonden

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