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Certec Information Day on Rehabilitation Engineering and Design

Once a year, Certec opens up it doors to all those who are interested in seeing how technology and design can create great opportunities for people with disabilities.

This is a full-day event that gives you the chance to mingle and meet at the seminars and in the exhibition areas. The seminars are in Swedish. 

Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre (IKDC), Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University
Sölvegatan 26
Lund, Sweden.

2014's open house was held on October 24, 9.30-1600.

2013's open house was held on October 23.

Certec Information Day is free of cost, but registration is required:

Please include name, affiliation, mail address, and how many will be attending. 

Lena Leveen is the coordinator of the event.

Practical information:

Bus 20 (green city buses, Lundalänken) and 166, 169 (yellow buses, Regional) stop outside IKDC at the IDEON bus stop.

Parking is available in the LTH area. Map (PDF 14kB)

In addition to our Café Bryggan, there are other restaurants near IKDC.

Finn Inn
Restaurang Höjdpunkten
Restaurang Ideon

List of other restaurants in Lund.

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Cykelkorg med tulpaner

Previous Certec Information Days

Certec Information Day 2009 (in Swedish)

Certec Information Day 2008 (in Swedish)

Certec Information Day 2007 (in Swedish)

Even earlier Certec Information Days (in Swedish) can be found on our archived web site.

How did it start?

The idea for Certec Information Days grew out of an increasing interest for Certec's activities from professionals and organizations. Requests for study visits were on the increase, and the more people who visited, the more who wanted to come

Setting up the demonstrations and making sure the technology worked was taking more and more time. But we did not want to miss the rewarding discussions that often arose when the Certec staff interacted with our technological-pedagogical examples and the visitors, many from rehabilitation and habilitation.  

Instead of reducing the number of visits, we decided to concentrate our efforts on having one or two larger information meetings a year. In this way we could more carefully prepare our demonstrations and more actively go out and invite those we thought would be interested.

At the first Certec Information Day there were 150 people in attendance, 300 at the second and 750 at the third. Since then we have had between three and five hundred visitors every time. It has become clear that the need is great and that many visitors return.   

Certec Information Days appeal to a broad target group. This includes people who work in different branches of health care and social services, the schools, planning and administration. But also to people with disabilities and their relatives, to social workers, personal assistants, doctors, teachers, case workers, students, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists and politicians.

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