Faculty of Engineering, LTH


For Master's level engineering students

Elective courses

Rehabilitation Engineering TNX097 (autumn term)
Rehabilitation Engineering and Design TNX153 (spring term)
Advanced Interaction Design MAMN01
(offered as an elective for C4 and D4 autumn 2013. Offered as a required course for C3 and elective for D4 spring 2014. Limited enrollment!)
Ergonomics MAMF30 (spring term, offered as an elective for BME4, i.e. BioMedical Engineering year 4)

Required courses for Industrial Design

Ergonomics MAMF30 (spring term)

For Industrial Design Engineering students

Required courses

Ergonomics MAMF30 (autumn term)
Universal Design, Theory TNSA01 (autumn term)
Universal Design, Project TNSF02 (spring term)

Elective courses

Apps, Pictures and Electronic Assistive Technology in Healthcare, Schools and Social Services TFRB55 (spring term)
Design of Everyday Cognitive Support TFRB20 (autumn term)

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